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Family Connections

Fernie Family Connections is a place where parents can make friends and have fun in two different programs: the Baby and Me music group and the Parent drop-in program. These programs make a friendly place for families to meet and grow together.

Family Connections

What We Offer

The Baby and Me music group is for families with kids from birth to 18 months old. It’s a 35-minute meeting that starts with 20 minutes of fun music time, using finger plays, musical instruments, and scarves. After that, the rest of the time is for the grown-ups to chat and relax, with coffee and snacks provided.

Our Parent drop-in program is another place for parents to meet. We have talks on different parenting topics, guest speakers who share useful information, and an open space for parents to talk about the good and tough parts of being a parent. We also provide a childminding service for kids aged 9 months and up, so parents can have some alone time during the program.

  • Baby and Me music group is for families with babies up to 18 months old. It includes fun music time and a chance for grown-ups to make friends.
  • Parent drop-in program has talks, guest speakers, and childminding. It’s here to help parents along the way.
  • Both of these programs are held from mid-September to the end of April.

Benefits of Fernie Family Connections

  • Make real friendships with other families in our community.
  • Learn more about being a good parent and grow stronger in your role.
  • In Baby and Me, you can learn lots of songs to sing with your baby during the day!
  • In the Parent Drop-in program, come and chat with us about what is great and what is hard about being a parent. It’s a place where everyone understands.

How To Access Fernie Family Connections

The programs run from the middle of September to the end of April. You can check out the Fernie Early Years Facebook page for the schedule or contact the Women’s Centre for more information.

Program Team

Headshot of Anie Hepher

Anie Hepher

Meeting new parents, grandparents and families of Fernie babies and seeing all ages connect through music. Being outside by water is one of my all time favourite ways to reset. If my dog is there, even better!