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Fernie Early Years Team

The Fernie Early Years team is a group of service providers and community members. They meet once a month to talk about early years programs in Fernie. They share info, spot what the community needs, and work to make sure families get the best early years services.

Fernie Early Years Team

What We Offer

This team has worked together for many years to build relationships in our community for everything early years related! Working together benefits families and agencies alike. We want to make sure people know about all the programs and services available to early years families.

  • Monthly meetings to talk about and plan early years programs.
  • Sharing important information and resources in the team.
  • Identifying what the community needs and taking action to help.
  • Spreading the word about early years programs and services for families.

Benefits of the Fernie Early Years Team

  • Better early years services, making sure families get the best help.
  • Stronger relationships and partnerships in the community.
  • Increased awareness about available programs and resources.
  • Better coordination and efficiency in delivering early years services.

How To Access the Fernie Early Years Team

Join our monthly meetings, which happen on the third Wednesday of each month from September to June at 1:30 PM. These meetings are on Zoom. If you want to join or get the minutes from the meeting, please email us at

For regular updates about programs in Fernie, check out the Fernie Early Years Team Facebook page.

Program Team

Headshot of Andy Coe

Andy Coe

I love my job because I get to connect with different families throughout the Elk Valley and watch them grow. Children bring such joy and everyday is always different and fun! I love to cook. I have been cooking since I was a child and I love finding new ingredients at the store and making something yummy. I recently started baking too, it’s more challenging than cooking but I have a big sweet tooth so it’s very satisfying.